Saturday, 28 February 2009

Fast Changing Cochin Skyline

Today's evening news on TV stated that Kerala has become unusually hot. One of the reasons mentioned is that the high-rise buildings had come up...More

A day in the life of a married man

Life as a married man is seldom simple. I just happened to tell her that I wouldn't be home for dinner as I was dining with friends at X restaurant. She remembered that it was close to Y shopping mall where we had bought that fancy bracelet...More

Slumdog Millionaire: Let’s celebrate success

Even though I reached home from work at 3 after night, I had made up my mind to get up at least at 7 the next day to catch the Oscar award presentation. It went on till around 10.45. And it was worth it. After that, with such a good feeling at heart went back to bed to catch a bit of sleep...More

The Oscar--Mylapore Connection

Mylapore–bred Prasanna provided the music for the short documentary “Smile Pinki", which won at the Oscars this week...More

My Key To Immortality

I will remain “alive” through all my creations – like my blogs and poems.
Which are so insignificant for the world, but for me they are like precious gems.
Every time one will read my poems I will get “alive” for that moment
This way my entity will remain alive, even after my mortal self meets its end...More

How Beautiful Is My Valley!

We went up to the mountains to get a closer look, but the snow had already started to melt. But it was still beeeeautiful!...More

Doctors on the Move

That was family practice - Do you remember those scenes from early movies, the doctor comes to the bedside, this briefcase held by a male member of the patient’s family, standing beside him with arms crossed and great respect writ on his face...More

Papa kehte hain bada naam karega

Udit Narayan melted our hearts with the song "papa kehte hain...". Little did he know he would create history of sorts in the Tamil Nadu government (which is becoming a tamil industry by itself) almost 3 decades later!!...More

Effigies of Ravana at Kota and Pushkar

We witnessed brilliantly decorated tableaux and processions depicting various episodes from Ram's life. The whole maidan was reverberating with high decibel music...More

Be a lake, like a dog or a cup and truths of life!

Some inspirational e-mails are in circulation for many years and some of them keep coming back from different senders once in a while. Isn't that an indication that it has something in it? So here are such few to inspire...More

A Landmark of Chennai

Secondly, the hotel has several fond memories - of playing as a kid, enjoying the icecream in the parlour , meeting friends...More

If I can change one life....

I must again thank a little boy for having allowed me to experience one of the greatest moments of my life. Let me tell you how it happened...More

Demand and Supply

For me dowry means anything which is demanded and given unwillingly. But i dont consider anything and everything given to daughters as dowry, because daughter or son , parents give it to both, whereas sons always get the major part....More

Friday, 27 February 2009

Magpie-Robin Menezes

With due apologies to Ranjit Lal, who in his delightful "Crow Chronicles", named the soulful singer of Bharatpur thus. I was given the book by Chitra before departing for Bharatpur, but my son wanted first dibs, and so I read it (actually am still enjoying it) on my return.

Read about the magpie-robins here.

To London, with 12 shillings in pocket

I was then 26, an age at which you think you know all the answers. I had it all worked out in my head - had given myself three years in London, after which I wished to move on, to exotic Latin America to settle down in Sao Polo...More...

Sabu: Mysore's 'Slumdog', Hollywood millionaire

If there is an Oscar for life-time achievement of an actor in real life, it should have gone to Selar Shaik Sabu... Sabu, brought up in poverty in Mysore, and discovered by a British film maker, made his million in California...More...

The Niswarth Story

Niswarth (Hindi word; meaning - unselfish) is the name of the organisation started in Bagracote Tea Garden, Jalpaiguri District, by the Manager Harsh Kumar and his wife, Neelam. More. .

Thursday, 26 February 2009

What India means to them

INDIA stands for “I’ll Never Do It Again” .. . . .India? Good hash but that’s about it. . . .More. . .

Masala Dose at Vidyarthi Bhavan

It is a minute walk from the Gandhi bazaar circle. Started in early 1940 meant for students in the area , gradually it started attracting people from all walks of life. Since its dose became so popular and famous, the owner stopped making other dishes...More...

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Darshan Do, Ghanshyam Naath...

As to personal viewpoints, Soordas'(?) plea to his Lord is a regular evening bhajan chez nous, and one can't help having mixed feelings that the underworld used the lyric for their sleazy dealings...More

From the 81st Oscar Awards, a new message to the troubled world

Resul Pookutty who won the Oscar for sound mixing said in his acceptance speech at the awards ceremony that history was being handed over to him. Yes. He is the first Keralite to win the recognition...More

Dressing up for the Oscars

Pick one", said a rough voice from the shadows, "and make it quick, before my trigger finger gets really itchy". "Hahahaha!", the voice added sinisterly, and my connexion says nothing has curdled her blood...More

A. P. Abdulla Kutty and Sister Jesme

Ever since I watched an interview on TV on Abdulla Kutty and after reading about Sister Jesmi, I realized that they do have something in common. Both of them showed the courage to speak out...More

Agricultural Income Tax

The planter and the NRI have one thing in common. Both of them do not pay Income tax (To Central Govt.) However the planter has to pay tax to the state government...More

Broken Bhindis!

I got curious as to what was taking him so long. He had been at it since before I got in the store, and had maybe 10 bhindis in his bag. waited for some time for him to get done, and when it looked like it was going to take some more time, I tried to squeeze in...More

More from Chittorgarh Fort

The second disaster that razed down the mighty Chittorgarh Fort further, was by Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat in 1532...More

Books that 'Nostalgiate' my Childhood

There will be some little things we want to keep for life just to ‘nostalgiate’ childhood. One such thing in my case is a small picture-story book.A collage of four of its pages is shown above. It was a Russian publication. This book had to be there almost each time when my mother fed food...More


We were walking home from the park one day,
Little Kate, my grandaughter, and I,
When I saw great storm clouds
Rolling in out of an angry sky...More

At Home in Chennai

A friend seeing my status on Facebook asked me "What, you are on a jaunt again ? " I relied saying " Home ." The status said that I was heading to Chennai aka Madras...More

Jai Ho

Jai Ho sang India as Oscars dropped Slumdog Millionaire's way. It was a day of celebration indeed and India was on cue, a fact dutifully reported all day long by all media channels...More

Holding Hands--What does it mean to you?

For me holding a hand means
.....I am there for you, come what may,
.....I will solve all your problems......(must be wondering how a human being can be that grand, but yes I need that moral support always...More

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Just cheque-ing

We just had to deposit a minimum amount (Rs. 5, I think it was then without cheque book facilities) and lo! you had an account with them. They smilingly handed over your passbook, and a cheque book. More....


I couldn't understand this obsession with gay sex and how it could be a source of amusement and/or titillation. Where does it fit into a film awards function,of all things? More....

Mark Tully's, The Heart of India.

Mark Tully needs no introduction, for he is well known for covering many major incidents in South Asia during his tenure as a reporter. What sets him apart from other reporters is his deep involvement in the tinges of this land, his genuine love and in-depth, innate understanding of India's psyche. 'The Heart of India' is a not a coffee book of Indian hinterland but rather it delves sensitively into the nuances and shades of everyday life in villages of the northeast states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Eating Crow ... or maybe not!

Be honest... would you like to see this barrelling towards you at full tilt on a lonely road?
It looked menacing, waving two pointy tentacles at me (loaded with poison, I'm sure! ). There were even more tentacles, all tightly rolled up . A mask that Batman would've loved, slashed across its face and it just kept marching full speed at me.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Happy Birthday, Mummy!

Hear her say 'For goodness sake!
You ought to know I don't like cake!
You waltz in here, proud as you please,
When I'd much prefer a hunk of cheese!...More

Conserving tiled houses, agraharams

Vysial Street had won a UNESCO award for heritage restoration. The project was among a dozen and plus more from around the world to be recognised,...More

View of the Taj

The Taj is exactly like all its pictures. Is this all? is one reaction. The sheer size is astonishing though. The beauty is in its simplicity the whiteness, the perfection – the attention to every detail...More


Just about everyone guessed it was the inside of a flower . You just can't fool a gardener, can you? ;)...More

Some Beautiful Peices

On the importance of digging up roads in Mumbai

"What this city needs is more roads and fewer excavations", said a Latte, who had evidently thought deeply into the matter. "They can't foresee ALL public work requirements. It is a growing city and public works are alway important...More

V-Day Wishes

The Cost of One Shahtoosh Shawl? At least Three Tibetan Antelopes

You must have heard of Shahtoosh shawls, right? Apart from being a work of art, a Shahtoosh shawl is also a perfect symbol of your status. Quite understandably. After all it is so costly. And you know the cost? At least three Tibetan antelopes...More

I often wonder how difficult it is to translate something verbatim from one language to another. The beauty of every Indian language lies in its enthralling ability to appease you with the perfect choice of word(s) for the perfect occasion...More

Pseudo Bucket Collection

I would rather remain silent if the political parties (loot the public money) target MNCs like SNC-Lavalin etc. for their fund requirements and leave small fry’s like us alone...More

Crime and Punishment

It is very intriguing to think of crime and punishment. While crime can be better understood based on the generally applied moral and ethical standards, the punishment leaves many que'stions...More

Obama - smooth talker !

Wow. I am impressed. Smooth talker indeed. He starts off with ‘damning with faint praise’ and then lands the blow right on the head ! This was in an hour-long interview with some press people on Airforce One...More

A wife's rights!

The boy is not yet 2 years old, and he was married to a neighbor's dog! Weird indeed. But there was also something very ironic...More

From the first to the last puff

I used to collect Newsweek advertisements of the Malboro man on horseback while at college. That was the man I wanted to look like, coupled with western novels from L’armor, this was the macho image that appealed...More

Aero India 2009

We were sitting on the edge of our chairs! We were there, right in the first row, close to run way, witnessing an unforgettable, breathtaking and spectacular show...More

'Green' school at Vijayanagar

They have planted even on public space in front of their school. "These trees are four years old," said the school founder K N Anantharamaiah, referring to their pavement plantation...More

The Uncommon Incident of the Common Crane

Anyway, common cranes they were, and a lovely family of four, mum, dad and two teenagers? Now they were actually more than 600m away, (atleast I think so), and our binocs were at the limit of their capabilities...More

My Grandmother and her Skills

Her talent in many things was famous and some of them unique. Her handicrafts with rice and paddy stand out. The decorative pictures and objects she created stand testimony...More

Macau: My favorite Place in East Asia

I think one will find better room rates and lesser crowds now and therefore a good time to visit. While one is there, do make it to see The Venetian and enjoy the delights...More

Back from Bheemeshwari

The 40 kms stretch of the Cauvery in Karnataka is home to Mahseer, one of the most famous sport fish loved by anglers all over the worldThe 40 kms stretch of the Cauvery in Karnataka is home to Mahseer, one of the most famous sport fish...More

A Palette of Dark Colours

There was no denying the fact that things were bad and getting worse but could one allows one self to wallow in the mire and get lulled by doomsday vision. To give up without a fight and sink into despair was not my cup of tea...More

Morning News

Why life and property has become so cheap, almost no value or importance given to it, whenevr someone is angry....destroy something, someone or some property, why this negative sentiments always?...More

Picture Perfect

When we bought a new laptop a few months ago, I decided to search for a perfect background image. I wasn’t going to settle for another African Savannah...More

Saturday, 21 February 2009


See here

Friday, 20 February 2009

Valentine, Schmalentine

If the West celebrated Indian festivals the way we celebrate theirs, perhaps people wouldn't feel so threatened? Perhaps if Holi became a popular world festival, we'd learn to take Valentine's Day in our stride!...More...

The Blogger's Award

Senior blogger Abraham Tharakan has created a new award Blog Ratna, and has presented it to GVK, retired journalist and tireless blogger. More .....


The story ‘Gift of the Magi’ by O. Henry, is an ideal example for this. I am sure everyone must have read this story. For those who have not, here is a short summary. A young couple, very much in love, but very poor, got married and were happy together. More...

Aero India 2009

We were sitting on the edge of our chairs! We were there, right in the first row, close to run way, witnessing an unforgettable, breathtaking and spectacular show of maneuvers by the magnificent flying machines. More...

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Namma Mysooru Nirmala Mysoora?

Nirmala seems a long way away...I list below some common problems that the residents of our house face day in and day out, and not other houses, because they are the careless contributors to the filth and unhygeine. We have to suffer for no fault of ours...More...

Our man in Brazil

A blogger in our group came up with an idea of bringing out an anthology of selected pieces from the Mysore Blog Park. As he put it, we have a fairly wide group at MBP; they write on varied topics of their fancy. And do it competently. We can think of quite a few who may have a book in their blogs. An MBP favourite, B S Prakash, has just come up with his work - Clueless in California . . .More. . .

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

My high school entry

When I was promoted to 8th std I never knew it would be different from that of middle school.I joined Marimallappa's high school a year ago. It was the first day of school and I did not know anybody in that school except for my old classmate Sheetal. . .More. . .

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Sir Mirza Mohammad Ismail, K.C.I.E., O.B.E.

Mirza’s grandfather, had fled the court of the last Shah of Iran and taken refuge under the wings of the Maharaja of Mysore .He trained the royal cavalry and supplied horses to the stable. Sir Mirza's father was Agha Ali Asker, who too continued the family tradition of trading in horses and carpets. ...More...

Blog Ratna

Returning to Blog Ratna, I met this person at his hotel in Chennai on 6th Feb on my way to a function. It was as though we had known each other for a long time. He is a former journalist, retired from the Times of India ten years back...More

Friday, 13 February 2009

Dog-walkers' dirty menace

While watering the plants in the early mornings, I see dog-walkers on a stroll. Some with special and weird breeds that speaks of owner's wealth, more than the fancy of keeping pets and showing it off.. . .More...

The Last Word

She swept into the restaurant
Making everybody nervous,
Accustomed to alacrity
From those who gave her service...More

Walks inside old Madras Jail

This was a Jail House Rock of a different kind.
The Elvis Presley hit of the late 1950s is evergreen.
This Jail House was not one any more and so we, who lead these city-based heritage walks organised a few walks inside this campus...More

DILLI Tchah!!! Apologies to Dilli 6

We do have a connecting flight and there is no sign of the bus . As one little travel weary girl clutching on to a very fresh as a daisy Barbie doll wails" But Mamma our other plane is goin to go now ". I echo that thought...More

Impressions of Delhi

The names of the roads are so evocative- Subramani bharathi marg, Tolstoy marg, Copernicus marg,.. history coming alive as nowhere else. Closer to the centers of power, the road names are given in Urdu too...More

Snack-time, on the move

A brass vessel with a rather generous bottom tilted at an over-acute angle and stayed by strings, and mounted on a stove...More

Cashewnut Days

In my garden, the cashew trees are bustling with activity. There are buds to bloom, bees to invite, fruit to grow ...
Ol' ma'am Cashew is one busy tree !...More

More Olavipe Photos by Karthiki

What do you do when your boss tells you to milk his buffalo

Section 13 (f) : It is hereby clarified that notwithstanding anything enacted anywhere else included the Republic of Papua New Guinea, no officer of the Indian Railways shall order his employees, subordinates or contractual workers under his jurisdiction to milk...More

Give me Love, Give me Peace on Earth

This blog has never been a place where I write about our problems, but today, things are different. We are all watching and listening as violence rages between two ethnic groups all over the Dooars...More

The Pink Chaddi Campaign - a tech-powered protest

The Pink Chaddi Campaign is not a mere protest movement. The seeming frailty of the colour or the squeamish privacy of the garment are nothing but a facade that hides the potency of the cyber-powered Gandhigiri movement stirring the imagination of the nation’s youth...More

A love letter

Thanks to the internet, I have now started receiving love letters. The below one is classic and I can see that he is already honing his skills for the future. Wonder how many he will sent once he starts admiring girls...More

Celebrating Love Writing Contest

This is the time of the year, when love is in the air. Ooops, now I would be under the radar of the various groups who have taken upon themselves the burden of upholding Indian 'tradition' and 'cultural values', for the starting statement of the post or am I safe?...More

Sounds Good

With A. R. Rahman (who is modesty personified) being felicitated for his nominations and awards for the film, this other person, who has also been nominated for the Oscar and won the BAFTA award, has been making waves quietly...More

Congrats to Japan for launching Ibuki

Japan has done a really appreciable job by launching Ibuki – the satellite meant to study greenhouse gases concentration in the Earth’s atmosphere. Ibuki will take readings at around 56,000 locations, across land and sea, thus facilitating accurate predictions...More

The Same Old Rants

At any instant of time, if you want to visualize what's happening in India, you will have your plate full. There are so many things happening out there, some of which can leave you baying for blood. It tends to become creepy...More

The Arginine Riddle-An Obesity Fighter?

Arginine is considered a precursor to nitric oxide which is known to help boost blood vessel dilation and consequently preventing blood pressure built up. Same principle is cited to suggest Arginine as an intervention agent in erectile dysfunction disabilities...More

Real Estate Doom in Dubai?

While all of us are talking excitedly and ominously about IT Doom etc, and the real estate fiasco in the US, I was shocked to see the following news item in boingboing. Wow...More

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

Who has the prettiest feet of all?
I do :)
A totally narcissist post. Please don't ask me what this is about...More

The Bookmark that Sank my Heart

As I turned the book over, I was horrified - a portion of the page I had been reading was torn!! A shape by no means that would warm the heart of an arts teacher or fetch me an A in a trigonometry drawing class...More

Souvenir - Kavad

One bright little thing that caught my eye was the Kavad, a portable temple made of wood. It was very light to hold and it measured less than ‘one foot by one foot’...More

Look inwards, Kamalnath tells IT vendors

Mr Kamalnath's call for IT to look inwards came at the Nasscom India Leadership Forum 2009 meeting in Mumbai.The minister reckoned that the time for the IT sector to consider it future strategy was NOW...More

Ugadi Plants--A Status Report

The plants you see in the picture has each a story to tell. But their collective story began on Ugadi day last year...More

Spot that Bird

Above us a Montagu’s harrier hovered in the air trying to find prey in the dense scrub jungle below. We spotted the yellow wattled lapwing, which made our day!...More

Fishing Tales-The Inside Story

The entire water scape is littered with these shore operated stationary nets. Long metallic and wooden rods jut out into the waters...More

Is hard work worth it?

So those of us, content with fixed deposits or provident funds were somewhat smug and felt that we were insulated. But the realisation has dawned on us that there is no 'decoupling,' to use a currently fashionable financial expression...More

Getting organized

The numerous checklists, policies and timesheets tend to reduce the employee into a robot. At least, that is the employee point of view. But aren’t they present because of a reason? The methods used may be flawed but the reason in most cases would be very valid...More


In the car, Amit who had come with us handed him over a box with some cake that he had got from home. Utpal opened the box, a big smile on his face, and then looked around expecting someone to hand him over a spoon...More

Valentine & rang de

I always believe that.....if I am going thru a good time, then no harm in giving as I have enough, and if I am going through a bad time, then I must give, because as it is, it is not going to stay with me...More

Married singles

And she is not alone too. There are many like her. Many girls do not reveal in office or to their neighbors/landlord that they are divorced as they want to avoid the usual questions and unwanted attention. This leads to a false notion that divorces are rare...More

The Book

Amused, I shuffled out the room to see what the big news was. I learnt that grandpa had discovered a book I had written when I was nearly seven years old. It was an old classwork book with stories and incidents scribbled in with pencil in an unsteady hand. Some of them were figments of my childish imagination...More

Monday, 9 February 2009

‘Incredible India’, incorrigible automen

I did spot an auto-rickshaw with a painted message at the back, saying ‘This is a tourist-friendly auto’. A rare species, I believe. Tamilnadu tourism website lists 39 such auto-drivers, giving their names, addresses and cell numbers. . .More. . .

Sunday, 8 February 2009

The bird that craved for a ramp

They adorned the trees all over, catching the sun to dry their wings. Everybody got great shots of these birds, and as I wondered about their vanity, Mr Chari gently mentioned that they were drying their wings because unlike water off a duck's back, the Darter's feathers do get wet, as they dive into the water in search of fish. .. .More. . .

Cashewnut days

I have no idea who planted them. Most probably, they were self-propagated. I'm told that the Portuguese traders brought these trees from Brazil way back in the 16th century...More...

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Dash or Dog?

What does Amitabh Bacchan mean by saying that some of the other Indian movies should have won Oscars? I hope he is not referring to movies like the one where he commutes to work in his private jet, in a setting based in a lavish castle in England...More

Take the lead young friends . . .

It is good to see young people dirtying their hands.
Such projects and events are not those which promise glam and camera lights. They call for an understanding, a passion and a certain attitude...More

Fittest minds at (the most) needy places

US economy, you'd think - why isn't he in Barack Obama's team? Then the US President could have avoided such sittings with the ever-hungry media...More

Christmas Time Photos of Olavipe


The Soofy thing - Part I

As is usual in the Indian Railways, weirdos abounded. Our next door neighbour was an elderly gentleman who had, for this PhD thesis, selected the delicate topic "Toilet in three tier AC is better than Toilet in two tier AC"...More

Star Quality

These are starfruit, or kamrak, and like all the goodies of the season, they are golden and juicy...More


But all I know now is that there are many helpless girls out in our world crying for help that is never coming. I think I was lucky to be born in a place and time that was less complicated. So maybe I can only pray that my daughter’s world will also be thus...More

Remembering - Marcus Bartley

But who remembers the man who did bulk of the camerawork for the movie including the famous sea scene picturing the epic struggle of Satyan with a shark in the swirling waters? It was a certain genius named Marcus Bartley...More

The Roger Federer of Mosquito swatting

This mosquito swatting is not an easy task - you have to identify the mosquito first, then you need to ensure it goes into your net and then boom!!...More

Brinjal has a Cap

This time the brinjals I purchased were of proper form. Culling away the brinjals my thoughts wandered... I was reminded of a recent conversation I overheard between two mothers of first graders...More

Need Help with the Borewell Project

My friend has come up with a plan for starting work on covering up these open pits. I have been roped in to write a brochure for her that she will use to contact people...More

Someone Tell me What this is?

I found it in the Crafts Museum. It's about five feet tall...More

Milk-Bar Moment

Another drama is taking place,
Another response to a pretty face!
Those Bobby Soxers, with pony-tails,
Without much experience of males,...More


No matter whether it is a real emotion or not, it definitely creates some amount of skepticism about his authenticity. Yet, you find so many weepers out there. They exist in all different forms...More

No dream is Ever too small, No dream is ever too big

What is your one single special wish was the question asked by a visiting friend to a bunch of teenage girls at our women centre. The question was met with stony silence and a few quizzical glares...More

Protocol of Dress

Why this generation has a abhorrence for protocols or traditions?
Why they give so much importance to comfort and none for propriety?
Personally I have always felt that by dressing properly we are giving respect to the host or guest due to them...More

War on terror!

Heck… this is not irony. It is plain arrogance, hypocrisy, intimidation, violation of the fundamental right to freedom of speech, thought and expression and most importantly, muzzling the voice of a citizen...More

Madras then, Chennai Now

My first visit to Madras was in 1945 as a young bride on my way to New Delhi. Whenever we came down South from Delhi to our home town in Kerala, we would spend a couple of days...More

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Memories: The Boatman and Olavipe Lake

On moonlit nights the trip across was sheer pleasure. The water would be usually placid. The shimmer of moonlight on the lake surface was simply fascinating...More

Three Poems

The Victim

Bitten by kitten!
Goni bit my big toe, he
Punctured my ego.


Watching it on TV was horrible. So many marauding boys pouncing upon helpless girls and there was none to shield them. They call it mob terror. A word I am tired of hearing. We heard it for the Sikh riots and also during the Gujarat riots...More

Awards and Rewards: Carrot and the Stick

Awards are sought, lobbied for, coaxed, forcefully taken by threats, politically manipulated, distorted and neither the giver nor the receiver has any qualms about the perversion that has taken place before our very own eyes!...More

What is happening ?

Texas Instruments (TI) laying off 12% of their workforce. (approx 3400 employees).
Intel closing down 2 fabs and 3 IC assembly plants. (around 4000 to 5000 employees worldwide)...More


I got a speeding ticket a couple months ago.
I signed up for traffic school
There's an online option. Yayy! I don't have to spend 8 hours in a classroom!...More

The origins of POSH

Oxford dictionary states - The story goes that the more well-to-do passengers traveling to and from India used to have POSH written against their bookings, standing for 'Port Out, Starboard Home'...More

The Egyptian Mummy

The museum houses some rare Egyptian collection; one of them is the Mummy. I saw It there… very close…More

Coping with job losses in IT sector

It is evident that our software companies have been way too dependent on foreign companies and clients for their business. The latest
quarterly results of the top two IT majors- TCS and Infosys - make a telling point. More

The Source

Witness the lovely Ophelia, there by the riverside.
We all know how she pined for Hamlet and how, in the river, she died.
We see her planning her drowning, gazing down at the water's flow,
Agonising over Hamlet and doomed to the water below.

Cinema Paradiso

After many discussions it was decided that the cinema club would be inaugurated with a screening for our very special kids. This was because most if not all of these children have never been to a movie hall...More

Slumdog Millionaire, Ghajni and Heyy Baby

Since its about slum children, it shows slums and their life, they may have some beautiful moments also, but captures only the ugliness of their life....crime, filth and meagre surroundings...More