Friday, 26 September 2014

Successful Mars mission and unsuccessful earthly missions

The nation erupted in joy yesterday as India's Mars Orbitor Mission decelerated to the right extent to descend to the Martian orbit. But the spectacular achievement of our scientists also elicited some cynical comments. If they space mission succeeded, there are reasons; if our earthly missions have failed, there are reasons for it. More

Friday, 12 September 2014

A small tribute to Abraham Tharakan

A small tribute to Abraham Tharakan, who left us recently. 
He will be missed, as a person, as a blogger.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

And the waves became silent

Parayail Abraham Tharakan – Fondly remembered

Our association started sometime in 2006 after both of us had decided to enter the blogosphere.  Since then I have followed his voluminous output with so much respect, so much interest and much kinship, for we had similar tastes though so apart in age (That comparison was not to signify how far in age he was, but how young at heart he was). Interestingly we became good friends after he helped me source an article on Mehaboob the Singer. We had never met and even though Abe, that was how I called him, invited me on a couple of occasions to his ancestral estate located at Olavipe as his village was called, I never managed to get to traveling down south to meet him and his family. I think he was bit miffed by that, and I had always had that lapse prick my conscience, and it continues to do so.