Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Bodo-Muslim Clash In Assam – Another Outcome Of Inter Communal/Sectarian Animosity

It is indeed very important to analyze Bodoland Territorial Council, identify the loopholes and address the same. However, what is also important is to identify the factors due to which we are failing to wipe out inter-communal/sectarian animosity, and then wipe out those factors from the root. Otherwise such unfortunate incidents will continue to take place, no matter whatever steps are taken on the par of the government.  More

English Language – The Global Lingua Franca

The English language is undoubtedly one of the most precious possessions of the modern human society.  More

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Weekly Warbler

* Milk is the best children food no matter what the ads claim..

* At times tall claims by beauty ads  help in loading lots of chemiacls on face and scalp!

* Rahul Sharma testing +ve, to save future young cricketers, BCCI should introduce WADA with immediate effect ...


Thursday, 19 July 2012

Weekly Warbler

:  LYou made us laugh, cry and sing with you…  ..Thanks for that and, Good bye Rajesh Khanna… L

·         Are Khaps and Talibans two sides of the same coin? Then, we can’t even toss for a solution..!

·         Digest this! In India Men worship their Goddesses Chamundi, Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati ; rape and humiliate their women,  both round the clock!! 
Warbler’s Weekly call: L Once, one half of India were madly in love with him..The other half, men, envied him…Now, together it’s a tearful farewell to Rajesh Khanna…L


Ravi Venugopal is an entrepreneur based in the USA, and is currently in Chennai, taking care of his business from here, while working on the promotion of his book, I, Rama. ......

........I, Rama, looks at this story from a different perspective. As the story unfolds we realise that it is the Lord himself narrating, in the evening of his life, the incidents of his youth and adolescence, to his brothers and sons, without losing his objectivity.

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It was such a beautiful day, not too warm, nor windy. The baby, barely three months old was snug in her seat in the stroller, as we walked away from the car into the park. The grass was green, the sky so blue with cotton wool clouds, and there were young trees with flowers and berries which I could not identify, and birds warbling away. 

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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Weekly Warbler

 # J BJP, a National Party has relegated itself to being called Karnataka Lingayat Party (KLP), thanks to the ‘Low Command’s’ non-stop tang (le!)- o with Lingayat Leader Yeddurappa…J

·           #    Monsoon’s failure this year matches with Government’s own performance so far..  A Double Knockout..!
·         #  Watching Prabhudeva dance makes one wonder if what passes off as dance is plain Khan kid stuff in Bollywood..!